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Feburary 25th, 2022


Rakhitha Ganegala
Pulasti Priyan

In 2022, embarked on a digital transformation journey with Future I Digital, elevating their online presence to new heights. Future I Digital took charge of revamping the website to create an immersive and consumer-friendly digital experience. To see it live check out:

Breaf & idea.

Recognizing the need for a modern, intuitive, and globally accessible platform, Future I Digital undertook the task of revamping’s website. The primary goal was to showcase their extensive range of products to both B2B and B2C clientele worldwide. The challenge was not just to redesign the website but to redefine the online journey for visitors.


The 2022 website revamp stands as a digital masterpiece. now boasts a website that is not only visually stunning but also user-centric. The redesign ensures an easy and intuitive navigation experience for clients worldwide. From product showcases to seamless interactions, the revamped website positions as a leader in the retail shelving sector, ready to cater to a global audience.